Golden Gate Dispute Resolution

Published Decisions

Published Decisions


The following are selected published decisions of Paul Roose. Click on the link to read the award or report. In addition, I have the following awards published by BNA / Bloomberg Labor Relations Reporter: 138 LA 386, 138 LA 424, 138 LA 510, 138 LA 721139 and 139 LA 214. 

Grievance Arbitration

Consistent with the Code of Professional Responsibility of the National Academy of Arbitrators, I treat all grievance arbitration decisions as private unless the parties consent otherwise.  I have received permission from the employer and the union to publish the following awards. I believe there is a value to the labor-management community in the publication of arbitration decisions. Out of an abundance of caution, and respecting the privacy of the individuals involved, I have redacted the names of the grievants, witnesses, and other employees named in the decisions.  In the case of individuals who are named in their professional labor relations capacities, I do not redact names. A brief summary of the award follows each case listing.

Interest Arbitration

The following are interest arbitration awards I have issued that have been published by the parties.


The following factfinding reports from cases in which I was the neutral chairperson have been published, either on CA PERB’s website, or on the parties’ websites.