Golden Gate Dispute Resolution



Arbitrator and Hearing Officer

Paul Roose is available to serve as an impartial arbitrator for both rights and interest disputes. He can render binding or advisory decisions in grievance arbitration cases in both the public and private sectors, based on the agreement of the parties to arbitrate.  Paul is available to serve on permanent arbitration panels established by collective bargaining agreements. He can serve as an interest arbitrator under the various statutes that call for arbitration of collective bargaining impasse disputes. He is also able to serve as a binding or advisory hearing officer under various civil service and administrative procedures in the public sector.  Paul abides by the Arbitrator Code of Conduct adopted by the National Academy of Arbitrators. 


Paul Roose is available to serve as an impartial mediator for both rights and interest disputes. He can mediate grievances, workplace disputes, and contract negotiations impasses in both the private and public sectors. He can serve as a mediator / arbitrator under agreements reached by parties to use a hybrid process. Adele Grunberg is available to mediate interpersonal disputes and organizational dysfunction issues in the workplace. She can mediate either alone or as part of a mediation team with other GGDR associates. 

Fact Finder

Paul Roose is available to serve as an advisory fact finder on collective bargaining impasses under EERA, HEERA, and MMBA in the state of California. He can perform similar services in other states. 


Paul Roose offers training in labor-management processes.  Under the banner of GGDR, training can be provided in traditional collective bargaining, interest-based bargaining and problem-solving, labor-management committees, relationship-building, and other dispute resolution processes for the workplace. See a PowerPoint presentation Paul did on teaching advocates about factfinding here. 


Paul Roose offers facilitation of labor-management processes. GGDR can provide expert facilitation of collective bargaining, labor-management committees, multi-party discussions, and workplace meetings. 

Election / Card Check Supervisor

Paul Roose and GGDR associates offer services as neutral supervisors of workplace elections, card checks, and ratification votes. GGDR can provide expert supervision of representation, agency fee and other elections. From assisting parties in reaching agreements for consent elections and card checks to supervising balloting and vote counts, GGDR can help in every facet of workplace voting procedures.

Neutral Meeting Rooms Available 

Do you need neutral hearing or meeting rooms away from the employer’s or union’s facility? Golden Gate Dispute Resolution has access to comfortable and professional meeting rooms in the San Francisco Bay Area, throughout California, and even in other states. Please inquire if you would like to take advantage of this service for your hearing or meeting with a GGDR professional.